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The author Axel Rossmann was born 1939 in Berlin. He studied engineering at the Oskar-von-Miller-Polytechnikum and was employed 1965 till 2004 at MTU-M√ľnchen as failure/problem analyst. To his area of responsibllity belonged the investigation of civil and military aero engines and gas turbines in industrial use. These activities took place in line with development, series, production and assembling.
About in ca. 40 years gathered experience, Axel Rossmann wrote several technical books. The books are especially intended for operators, respectively their personnel on-site. It is focused at technical problems of industrial gas turbines. This should serve the practitioner for an understanding and enable him to purposeful action. A forerunner of this book was publicated in the Vulkan Verlag.
Beyond that, in the past years 5 volumes about the issue "Aircraft Turbine Engine Safety - problem oriented technology for professionals" were published.
Additional arised a booklet in the RoMan-Project, initated by the FAA, which should motivate the practitioners of the aero engine industry, to act quality conscious.

If you want to know more: Axel Rossmann can be reached by e-mail under turboconsult@gmx.de.